Little Princesses. Bringing Disney into my home.

A few years ago I used my awesome editing skills to transform my daughters into Disney Princesses. I have three little girls ten years and younger whose eyes light up, just like mine did, when they see the Disney Princesses on the screen.

It was about four years ago when I began the Little Princesses series and since then my editing has improved dramatically. So I wont show you the early (and horrid) version I did of Ariel, Aurora, Alice, Tiana, Mulan, Belle and Rapunzel. Instead I will be redoing them in better quality.

Before the days when I set up photo shoots with outfits, proper lighting and good old fashioned direction, I basically threw a hat on my oldest daughter, Rowe, and told her to pretend she had a toothpick sword in her hand. (Bless her for not caring about clothes at the time)


Isn’t she sweet? (Don’t let her fool you, she is actually an evil genius).

So taking that shot, which is not even in proper focus, I was able to make this:


Little Thumbelina. I have won a few awards for this shot and to this day is stands as one of my favorites.

Using my daughter Benji I was able to pull off a pretty impressive Merida. Benji is a blonde with intense grey eyes. She is silly ALL OF THE TIME, and when she smiles it takes up half her face. Benji never sits still. Benji likes to talk about farts and rub dirt in her hair.  Benji doesn’t do quiet. 

I spent hours and hours curling her hair and picking out the perfect outfit just for her to give me these shots:


Bless her precious little dirty face.

Benji is the boy I prayed for but never got. So imagine my surprise when I asked her to be serene (for just one freaking second) and she gave me this face:


The clouds opened up. The stars aligned. For one precious second my tomboy middle child stopped vibrating with excitement, looked into my lens and spoke with her eyes.

I stared at this photo in disbelief for a full ten seconds, in shock and awe at how PERFECT it was………and then I saw the Hello Kitty tattoo on her neck. DAMMIT!!!! 

It’s ok, it’s fine, it’s workable. I could edit it out. And boy did I spend a butt load of time on this pictures. I labored over the editing process. I’d never turned a blonde haired, grey eyed child into a ginger before. But the results? Breathtaking.


For me, this old photo, as full of mistakes as it is, is still my pride and joy. From the emerald eyes to the freckles dotting her nose. This is Little Merida.

Want to see Little Pocahontas?

Pocahontas is my favorite Disney princess, so this picture had to be epic. I told Rowe to speak to the tree. She understood. She get’s me. She gets trees too apparently.

Can you just picture Little Pocahontas running through the woods? Me too.

Well that’s all for now folks!

Thank you for taking the time to view a few of my Little Princesses series. There will be more as time allows. Follow my blog if you would like to see more.

Happy editing!!