Location guide for Clients

I’ve put together this quick guide to help my clients find a location that is in the High Desert area, and meets all the requirements for their dream shoot. These are all areas I’ve shot at many times and know very well! With a keen eye and a unique style of editing I make each shoot feel like its own, and find a new little spot each time to give my clients a one-of-a-kind backdrop for their portraits.



HESPERIA– Hesperia lakes park is a favorite of mine, it’s not too far, tucked next to a small mountain and has lots of variety. There is running water (in the warm months), a lake, bridges and lots of mature trees. Did I mention it’s a FREE park? 


Things to consider:

  • Hesperia lakes is popular, so we may have to maneuver around people (strangers in the background will be removed in final edits)
  • There are a LOT of wild birds at Hesperia lakes; Swan, ducks, pelicans and so. many. Geese. They never bother people, but if you are afraid of birds then this isn’t the location for you. 


VICTORVILLE:- Mojave Narrows regional park is one of those hidden gems. An oasis out here in the desert. It’s a large park so there is TONS of variety from patches of woodland trees, to reeds along the lake, weeping willow trees with waterfalls of branches, bridges, a train in the background, a rustic windmill and even Silos! 



Things to consider:

  • Mojave Narrows closes at 4:00pm, so we wouldn’t be able to do a sunset shoot there. 
  • There is a $10 entrance fee
  • Since its a large park there can be a fair amount of walking. For children I recommend bringing a stroller


LUCERNE VALLEY- Lucerne is full of all the best Desert landscapes with buttes made of large boulders to the dry cracked lake beds stretching off into the distance. It’s a great location for family shoots, especially with the gorgeous full view of the sunset, and its also very private, which makes it a good location for maternity or intimate couples shoots. 


Things to consider:

  • The dry lake beds are for EVENING SHOOTS ONLY, because there is no trees or shade to be able to shoot in the mornings 
  • There is no close bathrooms
  • During certain times of year the Lake beds are either full of water (which is cool!) or muddy (which is not). Something to think about. 


WRIGHTWOOD- If you’re looking for a whimsical, magical shoot, Wrightwood has the perfect setting. The Mescal picnic area in particular produces dramatic and intimate pictures. There are areas with stunning views, thick ancient trees, tall grass and the beautiful Jackson Lake. 



Things to consider:

  • It’s always a few degrees colder in Wrightwood, so dressing appropriately will help
  • We lose sun early in Wrightwood so sunset shoots will be shot a few hours before


LOCAL PARKS AND BACKYARDS: I shoot often at local parks and backyards. I can get  lots of beautiful pictures in a relatively small space. 


Here is my wishlist of locations I would LOVE to shoot: 


        (Gas fee may apply)

  If any of these places feel right to you, feel free to contact me here



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