Location guide for Clients

I’ve put together this quick guide to help my clients find a location that is in the High Desert area, and meets all the requirements for their dream shoot. These are all areas I’ve shot at many times and know very well! With a keen eye and a unique style of editing I make each shoot feel like its own, and find a new little spot each time to give my clients a one-of-a-kind backdrop for their portraits.


Hesperia lakes park is a favorite of mine, it’s not too far, tucked next to a small mountain and has lots of variety. There is running water (in the warm months), a lake, bridges and lots of mature trees. Did I mention it’s a FREE park? 


  • This can be a morning or evening location
  • No entrance fee
  • Bathrooms available
  • Food/drinks available for purchase


  • There are LOTS and LOTS of large birds near the water. If you’re scared of birds this isn’t the location for you
  • This can be a busy park at certain times of the day


Mojave Narrows Regional park- There are lots of beautiful parks to shoot at in Victorville but I prefer Mojave Narrows for its lush greenery, lake, bridges and water towers.


  • Lots of variety
  • Park and Splash pad available for kids after the shoot
  • Bathrooms available


  • $10 entrance fee
  • Morning only location (park closes at 4)
  • It’s a large park so a fair amount of walking may be involved. I recommend a stroller for small children


The Mescal Picnic area:

The Mescal Picnic area is one of my most requested spots to shoot at. There’s a magical bridge, a fairytale like picnic area and some wide, ancient trees.


  • Easy to find
  • No hiking
  • Bathrooms available
  • Free


  • Spotty cell service
  • Morning only location
  • This location is not available in the winter

Lucerne Valley-

Lucerne Valley offers all the beautiful desert scenery you could ask for; Dry lake beds, buttes, joshua trees, and those gorgeous Southern California Sunsets.


  • Private
  • Easy to find


  • Evening only location
  • No nearby bathrooms

Peach Orchard-

The peach Orchard is a beautiful orchard lined with fruit trees. Anytime of year it’s a beautiful backdrop for lots of different types of photoshoots.


  • It’s a natural orchard so no chemical or pesticides are used, making it ideal for children or maternity photoshoots
  • Easy to get to/no hiking
  • Private


  • No bathrooms nearby

Local Beaches (Huntington, Newport, Balboa, Laguna etc)-

Any of the Local beaches makes a great backdrop for a family, maternity, couples, singles, or children photoshoots. The beaches, waves, piers and local towns leave room for posed shots as well as lifestyle.


  • A fun beach day for the family after the shoot
  • Bathrooms nearby
  • Food/shops nearby


  • Water could be cold


Barstow has some really old structures, Route 66 and a train graveyard. This location can be anytime of year and caters to all types of shoots (family, maternity, children etc)


  • Lots of variety
  • Chance of having a train go by in your photos
  • Beautiful bridge
  • Brick work, pillars, old buildings, retired trains
  • Bathroom/shops nearby
  • Shade


  • It gets very hot in Barstow
  • Location could have other photographers working

Location Wishlist-

Here is a list of places I would love to shoot at:

  • A couples shoot at Scandia mini golf
  • The burnt areas of Devil’s punchbowl
  • Bottletree Ranch
  • A snow shoot in Big Bear
  • A lifestyle shoot at Victoria Gardens
  • The Santa Monica Pier/Carousel

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