Love Notes

“I had a hard pregnancy. When I was almost 30 weeks pregnant I decided it was time to get a maternity photoshoot as it would be the last time I would ever have both my babies with me. I got a hold of Jake because a mutual friend said she was amazing. We set a date and I was getting excited. Then my pregnancy had one last surprise. I ended up in the hospital at 30 weeks gestation. I messaged Jake and let her know of the situation and that I would be hospital bound. My daughter was born at 34 weeks. She was so accomodating, willing to let me out of the date we had decided and said to worry about us first. When we were released from the hospital I rescheduled the photoshoot with Jake, this time to be a photo-op of my daughter. Jake was willing to go with my husband and I to his work and get specific photos that I envisioned and brought them to life. She did some beautiful shots of my daughter and my sons urn that were truly respectful and honored him in a way no one else could. The pictures she took were so amazing, my husband I had a hard time choosing ones we wanted. After much debate we chose a package and were thrilled we got rights to the pictures she took. We sent them to some grandparents and made their day also. I wish that I could have Jake take more pictures of my daughter as she grows but as were stationed overseas it is out of my control. I did get the best pictures and a new friend from this experience, which was much more than I could’ve asked for” -Theresa

“Jake was absolutely amazing during our maternity shoot! She made us feel so comfortable and had the most unique ideas. I have recommended her to everyone that asks me about my photos or tells me they are looking for a photographer. I will definitely go back to her for all my photography needs” ~Amanda

“Jake is the best! I initially chose Jake for our family photos because of her out of the box concepts when it comes to her photography. Little did I know how wonderful she really was as a person. From the moment I met her she was the kindest and most accommodating photographer. She was more than generous with her time and never rushed us. She made us feel comfortable and was especially patient with our then 2 year old daughter who wanted nothing to do with taking pictures that day. All of the photos were so good and it was hard to pick which ones to keep. I was surprised at how quickly we received our completed photos, and let me tell you they were stunning, Since our first shoot I have gone back to Jake twice and will continue to have her be our family photographer. She always listens to what vibe or mood you want for your photos and perfectly captures it every time” ~Theresa

“Working with Jake is so easy! She just clicks and captures moments. You basically pick a location and she captures you and your family effortlessly. She has a great eye for moments and we are on our 4th season of photos with her and I would not go anywhere or to anyone else” ~Kristen

“Jake is an amazing photographer. We have had out family photos done by her three years in a row now. She always seems to catch those special moments in time that we don’t even realize are happening. Getting that perfect picture just seems to come naturally for her. Another great quality is her willingness to go on site to any location of our choice, that makes the experience more personalized and special for us. I am always looking forward to our next photoshoot, and am never disappointed” ~Lindsay

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